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About Accelerated Equity Plans

We empower companies to harness the full potential of equity compensation with strategic solutions to attract, retain, and motivate top talent. Our comprehensive services ensure equity plans are effectively managed and aligned with business goals, creating a competitive advantage. Leverage our expertise to maximize the impact of your equity programs and foster a motivated, loyal workforce driving your company’s success.

Our History

Our Founding. Founded in 2021 by industry experts determined to share their wealth of knowledge and provide unparalleled support to the field, Accelerated Equity stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication.

Our Principles. At Accelerated Equity, we transcend mere execution of equity plans; we prioritize empowering our clients with a deep understanding of the underlying principles driving their strategies. Leveraging the collective expertise of our seasoned team, we forge strong partnerships within the industry to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

Our Track Record. Our success is evident: from guiding private and pre-IPO ventures to supporting some of the world's largest multinational corporations, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. At AEP, we are dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools and understanding necessary to navigate the complexities of equity planning with confidence and clarity.

Meet the leadership team

As subject matter experts, we can provide your organization with a complete Stock Plan Administration team to handle all equity concerns!

Emily Bone

Emily Bone, MBA, CEP

Emily's rich journey through equity compensation roles, combined with her Certified Equity Professional designation and MBA in Finance, makes her a trusted expert in enhancing the value and efficiency of equity plans for diverse organizations.

Neil Birrell

Neil Birrell, CEP

Neil's extensive experience with Deloitte and various equity firms, coupled with his CEP designation and Finance degree, uniquely positions him as a strategic architect in streamlining equity compensation across pivotal business functions for enhanced organizational efficiency.

Aaron Rosser

Aaron Rosser, CEP

Aaron is a trusted expert in equity management, having led education programs, system implementations, and project management. His extensive experience with equity compensation issuers makes him exceptionally skilled and reliable.

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